Alma 36-38: “Look to God and Live”


After leading the mission to the Zoramites, Alma returned to his home in Zarahemla. He was troubled about the spiritual health of his people, and he wanted his three sons to continue the work of the ministry. So, he met with each of them individually to give them a personal “charge” (Alma 35:15-16).

These individual meetings could be called “interviews,” “sermons,” or “lessons.” Mormon referred to them as “commandments.” He provided the following title for each: “The commandments of Alma to his son ______.”

This week, we will study the first two of these meetings. Next week we will study the third. Here are my summaries of the first two:

  1. Alma Teaches Helaman – Alma 36-37
  2. Alma Teaches Shiblon – Alma 38

Here are some blog posts about these chapters:

What can we learn from Alma’s example in teaching his children?

What did Alma teach Helaman?

What did Alma teach Shiblon?

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