The Greatness and Goodness of God

There are two things we need to know about God. The first is that He is capable of doing “great and marvelous works,” far beyond our abilities, and even beyond our comprehension (Jacob 4:8). The second is that He loves us and is kind and merciful (Moroni 8:3).

In the first chapter of the Book of Mormon, Lehi emphasizes these twin attributes of God, His greatness and His goodness:

Great and marvelous are thy works, O Lord God Almighty! Thy throne is high in the heavens, and thy power, and goodness, and mercy are over all the inhabitants of the earth; and, because thou art merciful, thou wilt not suffer those who come unto thee that they shall perish!
(1 Nephi 1:14)

After the people of King Benjamin experienced God’s saving power firsthand, he encouraged them to always remember what they had learned:

If the knowledge of the goodness of God at this time has awakened you to a sense of your nothingness…
I say unto you, if ye have come to a knowledge of the goodness of God, and his matchless power, and his wisdom, and his patience, and his long-suffering towards the children of men…
I would that ye should remember, and always retain in remembrance, the greatness of God, and your own nothingness, and his goodness and long-suffering towards you, unworthy creatures,
(Mosiah 4:5-6, 11, italics added)

Elder Dale G. Renlund listed some of the ways that we benefit from remembering the greatness and the goodness of God:

  1. “Our perspective and understanding are enlarged.”
  2. “We become more humble, prayerful, and steadfast.”
  3. We “become more spiritually sensitive.”
  4. “Our trust in [God] increases.”
  5. “We will communicate our faith more effectively to others.”
  6. “We will have courage when confronted with seemingly impossible tasks and circumstances.”
  7. “We will strengthen our resolve to keep the covenants we have made to follow the Savior.”
  8. “We will be filled with the love of God, want to help those in need without being judgmental, love our children and raise them in righteousness, retain a remission of our sins, and always rejoice.”

Today, I will remember the greatness and the goodness of God. I will exercise faith in Him and in His Son, knowing that They are able to help me overcome every obstacle and They are willing and eager to help me.

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