Mormon’s Second Epistle to Moroni – Moroni 9



After losing an important battle, and observing the rapid erosion of civility among his people, Mormon wrote to his son Moroni to encourage him to remain faithful.


Mormon’s purpose was to inform Moroni that he was still alive, to give him an update on developments in the war, and to urge him to continue to be faithful.


  1. Bad news: I’m still alive, but we’ve lost a significant battle (Moroni 9:1-3).
  2. They are completely unreceptive to the gospel. But we must keep trying to teach them (Moroni 9:4-6).
  3. The Lamanites have committed atrocities against our people, but our own people in Moriantum have done worse things to the Lamanites (Moroni 9:7-10).
  4. When I see the horrific behavior of our people, I wonder how long God will allow this to go on (Moroni 9:11-15).
  5. The suffering of our women and children is indescribable (Moroni 9:16-19).
  6. I cannot recommend our people to God, but I do recommend you to God (Moroni 9:20-24).
  7. “Be faithful in Christ; and may not the things which I have written grieve thee, to weigh thee down unto death; but may Christ lift thee up” (Moroni 9:25-26).

My Takeaways

Life can get pretty discouraging, and the behavior of the people around us can dishearten us. We can’t control other people’s actions, and we only have limited ability to influence societal trends. But we can control our own faithfulness to God. As Mormon teaches Moroni in this second epistle, Jesus Christ can buoy us up and lift our spirits even in the midst of unspeakable horrors. We must not allow the actions of other people to discourage us. We must continue to exercise faith in Christ, so that He can lift our spirits and give us courage to move forward.

I will respond to Mormon’s second epistle by recognizing that God can help me have faith, even in troubled times. I will not allow negative news, whether international in scope or within my own circles of influence, to weaken my resolve to be faithful to God. I will remember that God can fill me with hope and love, even when my circumstances are demoralizing.

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