Helaman Teaches His Sons – Helaman 5:6-12



Two brothers, Nephi and Lehi, remembered the teachings of their father, Helaman, as they began a missionary journey.


Helaman’s purpose in teaching his sons was to remind them of the core doctrines of the gospel and to encourage them to follow Jesus Christ.


  1. I named you after our first parents. I hope that you will follow their examples of goodness (Helaman 5:6-7).
  2. I hope that you will do good for the right reasons: not to boast, but to receive a reward in heaven (Helaman 5:8).
  3. Remember these three core doctrines (Helaman 5:9-12):
    1. As King Benjamin taught, there is no way to be saved except through Jesus Christ (Helaman 5:9Mosiah 3:17).
    2. As Amulek taught, He will not redeem us in our sins, but rather from our sins, because of repentance (Helaman 5:10-11Alma 11:34).
    3. You must build your foundation on the rock of Christ, so that the devil cannot drag you down (Helaman 5:12).

My Takeaways

Helaman used the word “remember” thirteen times in this short sermon. He reminded his sons that they were named after two faithful ancestors. He reminded them of the words of two prophets. He urged them to visualize the protective power of the Savior by comparing him with a rock which could withstand any storm.

I will respond to Helaman’s words by remembering my dependence on the Savior. I will remember that I can only be saved through His Atonement, that He can help me overcome my sins and weaknesses, and that I can avoid being dragged down by adversity by building my foundation on Him.

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