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The Work of the Lord Did Prosper – Helaman 3:24-27

24 And it came to pass that in this same year there was exceedingly great prosperity in the church, insomuch that there were thousands who did join themselves unto the church and were baptized unto repentance. 25 And so great … Continue reading

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Mormon Laments the Foolishness of Man – Helaman 12

Setting After relating some of the experiences of the prophet Nephi, including great miracles which failed to convert the people and a natural disaster which only temporarily convinced them to humble themselves and repent, Mormon inserted this editorial commentary. Purpose … Continue reading

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Helaman Teaches His Sons – Helaman 5:6-12

Setting Two brothers, Nephi and Lehi, remembered the teachings of their father, Helaman, as they began a missionary journey. Purpose Helaman’s purpose in teaching his sons was to remind them of the core doctrines of the gospel and to encourage them … Continue reading

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Samuel the Lamanite’s Sermon – Helaman 13-15

Setting A prophet named Samuel traveled to the city of Zarahemla and preached to the people for many days. He was a Lamanite, and the inhabitants of the city were Nephites. They rejected his message and kicked him out of … Continue reading

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Nephi’s Sermon from His Tower – Helaman 7-9

Setting When Nephi returned home from preaching the gospel in the north countries, he was horrified at how much his own society had deteriorated. The institutions of government which he knew very well, had been infiltrated by members of a secret … Continue reading

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[He Hath] Chastened Them Because He Loveth Them – Helaman 15:3

3 Yea, wo unto this people who are called the people of Nephi except they shall repent, when they shall see all these signs and wonders which shall be showed unto them; for behold, they have been a chosen people … Continue reading

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Ye Are Angry with Me – Helaman 14:10

10 And now, because I am a Lamanite, and have spoken unto you the words which the Lord hath commanded me, and because it was hard against you, ye are angry with me and do seek to destroy me, and … Continue reading

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