Alma Teaches Shiblon – Alma 38


After leading a mission to the Zoramites, Alma the Younger returned to Zarahemla. Having either visited or sent representatives to every city, and finding that many people were not receptive to his message, he became discouraged. He turned his attention to his family and taught his three sons: Helaman, Shiblon, and Corianton (Alma 35:15-16).


Alma was pleased with Shiblon’s steadiness and faithfulness during the mission to the Zoramites. His purpose in teaching Shiblon was to encourage him to remain faithful, and to warn him of some dangers he might face, including pride and self-righteousness.


  1. If you keep the commandments, you will prosper (Alma 38:1).
  2. You have been faithful and diligent from a young age. You have served faithfully among the Zoramites, including enduring persecution with patience (Alma 38:2-4).
  3. If you trust God, He will deliver you from your trials, troubles, and afflictions (Alma 38:5).
  4. I know this because I was saved by the Lord Jesus Christ (Alma 38:6-9).
  5. Advice to Shiblon (Alma 38:10-15):
    1. Continue to teach diligently (Alma 38:10).
    2. Don’t be proud or boastful (Alma 38:11).
    3. Don’t be overbearing (Alma 38:12).
    4. Bridle all your passions (Alma 38:12).
    5. Refrain from idleness (Alma 38:12).
    6. Don’t pray like the Zoramites. Acknowledge your unworthiness before God at all times (Alma 38:13-14).
    7. Be sober (Alma 38:15).

My Takeaways

It’s important to be faithful in obeying God’s commandments. However, there is a danger that righteousness will lead to self-righteousness. If this happens, we will lose the humility which invites God’s saving power into our lives. Therefore, when we are doing well spiritually, we must maintain an awareness of our weakness and of our ongoing need for the saving power that can only come through Jesus Christ. We must continue to work hard, avoid boasting, and treat other people with respect and love.

I will respond to Alma’s words by avoiding self-righteousness in any form. I will be grateful that God has helped me to accomplish meaningful things, and I will remember that I must continue to humbly rely on His help.

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