Then Will He Remember – 1 Nephi 19:15-16

15 Nevertheless, when that day cometh, saith the prophet, that they no more turn aside their hearts against the Holy One of Israel, then will he remember the covenants which he made to their fathers.
16 Yea, then will he remember the isles of the sea; yea, and all the people who are of the house of Israel, will I gather in, saith the Lord, according to the words of the prophet Zenos, from the four quarters of the earth.
(1 Nephi 19:15-16)

One of the purposes of the Book of Mormon as set forth on the Title Page is “that [we] may know the covenants of the Lord, that [we] are not cast off forever.” As Nephi explains in this chapter, even though the children of Israel would later turn against the Lord, He was ready to welcome them back as soon as they were willing to repent and “no more turn aside their hearts against [Him].”

I’ve been thinking today about what this principle teaches us about the character of God. He doesn’t hold grudges. His love for us is constant. Even when we fall short of His expectations or even turn against Him, He continues to loves us and is eager to help us as soon as we are willing to return to Him and receive His help.

Today, I will make an effort to emulate that characteristic in my own life. When other people disappoint me or are unkind to me, I will simply let it go. I will continue to love them and to pray for them. I will not allow their behavior to disturb my peace, and I will not damage our relationship by holding their prior mistakes over their heads.

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  1. According to some reports we have had — not only is St Thomas the location of the oldest still functioning synagogue in the US but it was a place that Jewish people registered even if they didn’t live there. Perhaps this is one of the isles mentioned.

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