Because of the Exceeding Faith – Mosiah 4:3

3 And it came to pass that after they had spoken these words the Spirit of the Lord came upon them, and they were filled with joy, having received a remission of their sins, and having peace of conscience, because of the exceeding faith which they had in Jesus Christ who should come, according to the words which king Benjamin had spoken unto them.

King Benjamin’s speech, which resulted in the conversion of all of his people to the gospel of Jesus Christ, was a significant event in the spiritual history of the Nephite people, and it is obvious why Mormon chose to include it. Besides the text of the speech itself, Mormon provides some additional explanation about the setting and the effect of the speech on the listeners. In this passage, he tells us that the people recieved the Spirit of the Lord as they heard the words of the king. As a result, they experienced the following:
  1. They were filled with joy. 
  2. They received a remission of their sins. 
  3. They experienced peace. 
Mormon tells us that all of this happened because of their faith in Jesus Christ, which they had because of the words they had just heard. 
Today, I will remember and apply the pattern from this verse. I will exercise faith in Jesus Christ in accordance with the scriptures I have studies about Him. As I exercise that faith, I know that I will recieve the Holy Ghost, which will fill me with joy, help me overcome sin, and give me peace. 

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