We Did Prosper Exceedingly – 2 Nephi 5:10-11

10 And we did observe to keep the judgments, and the statutes, and the commandments of the Lord in all things, according to the law of Moses.
11 And the Lord was with us; and we did prosper exceedingly; for we did sow seed, and we did reap again in abundance. And we began to raise flocks, and herds, and animals of every kind.

In this chapter, Nephi describes the activities of his people when they moved to a new location and began to establish a new life for themselves. In the verses quoted above and in subsequent verses, he describes the following activities:
  1. Religious observance (v. 10)
  2. Farming and caring for animals (v. 11)
  3. Reading and writing (v. 12, 30-31)
  4. Preparing for possible future difficulties (v. 14)
  5. Constructing buildings, including a temple (v. 15-16)
In this chapter, I see a further reminder of the principles I’ve learned earlier this week in Alma 50 and Ether l0. Filling our lives with a variety of challenging and uplifting activities and working with other people to achieve shared goals are clearly keys to happiness and prosperity. Today, I will engage fully in the activities of the day and will work with the people around me so that the Lord can help us to “prosper exceedingly.”

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