He Delivered the Judgment-Seat unto Nephihah – Alma 4:18-20

18 Now Alma did not grant unto him the office of being high priest over the church, but he retained the office of high priest unto himself; but he delivered the judgment-seat unto Nephihah.
19 And this he did that he himself might go forth among his people, or among the people of Nephi, that he might preach the word of God unto them, to stir them up in remembrance of their duty, and that he might pull down, by the word of God, all the pride and craftiness and all the contentions which were among his people, seeing no way that he might reclaim them save it were in bearing down in pure testimony against them.
20 And thus in the commencement of the ninth year of the reign of the judges over the people of Nephi, Alma delivered up the judgment-seat to Nephihah, and confined himself wholly to the high priesthood of the holy order of God, to the testimony of the word, according to the spirit of revelation and prophecy.

An important aspect of time management is recognizing when we are overstretched and then proactively decluttering our schedule so that we can successfully fulfill our most important duties. In the passage above, Alma recognizes that he is not devoting sufficient time and energy to his role as high priest over the church. It may have been possible previously for him to function effectively as both chief judge (the highest political leader) and high priest (the highest ecclesiastical leader), but this is no longer the case. I’m impressed with the self-awareness and humility he displays as he acknowledges his limitations and makes a difficult choice which will enable him to fulfill his highest priority role successfully.
Today, I will review the activities and responsibilities which make demands on my time. Like Alma, I will ask myself whether I am dedicating sufficient time to my highest priorities. I will adjust my schedule and my commitments accordingly.
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