“Seek Not to Be Cumbered”

When 25-year-old William E. McLellin asked Joseph Smith for guidance in October of 1831, his life was in transition. His wife of two years, Cynthia Ann, had died. He had met some missionaries and joined the church just two months earlier. Now, he wanted to know what was next. In the revelation Joseph received in... Continue Reading →


Five talents, two talents, one talent. The wealth was not evenly distributed. But it didn't matter, because this wasn't a permanent gift. The owner was merely leaving town, and he had entrusted three of his servants to look after his wealth in his absence. What were they to do with all this money? He didn't... Continue Reading →

“As for Years”

How would your decisions change if you thought you would never move? What if you thought you'd be in your current job forever? Would you approach your activities differently? Would you make any investments that would improve your productivity and your job satisfaction? In 1831, a group of church members relocated from New York to... Continue Reading →

“In the Very Hour”

It is more important to be prepared than to have a plan. Plans rely on assumptions about things we can't control. The most brittle plans rely heavily on these assumptions, while more resilient plans allow for adaptation under changing circumstances. A good plan recognizes that the participants will be actors, not merely executors, and will... Continue Reading →

“The Time Is Past”

I've been thinking this week about a stern message the Lord gave to Oliver Cowdery in an 1829 revelation. Oliver had sought the gift to translate and had been given permission to try. When he failed, the Lord instructed him to resume his role as scribe. The problem, apparently, was that Oliver hadn't realized the... Continue Reading →

Go and Do – 1 Nephi 3:7

For many of our daily activities, we can be successful by simply doing two things: Showing up ("going") Participating ("doing") It sounds simple enough, but how easy is it to avoid attending the activity, going where the action is? And even when we do make it there, how easy is it to be passive and... Continue Reading →

How Can I Avoid Distractions?

In Lehi's dream, he first described his own journey to the tree of life, which was a result of his own personal prayers. After he ate the fruit, and found it to be "desirable above all other fruit" (1 Nephi 8:12), he instinctively looked for his family, wanting to share it with them. He saw... Continue Reading →

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