2 Nephi 3:19-21 They Shall Cry from the Dust

19 And the words which he shall write shall be the words which are expedient in my wisdom should go forth unto the fruit of thy loins. And it shall be as if the fruit of thy loins had cried unto them from the dust; for I know their faith.
20 And they shall cry from the dust; yea, even repentance unto their brethren, even after many generations have gone by them. And it shall come to pass that their cry shall go, even according to the simpleness of their words.
21 Because of their faith their words shall proceed forth out of my mouth unto their brethren who are the fruit of thy loins; and the weakness of their words will I make strong in their faith, unto the remembering of my covenant which I made unto thy fathers.
The Lord teaches a number of important principles about scripture in these verses:
1. Scripture is the voice of the Lord speaking to us. The words of scripture are the words He knows we need to hear.
2. Scripture is a means of intergenerational communication.  It is a way for us to benefit from the spiritual strength and maturity of people many generations in the past.
3. The words of scripture are often simple and direct.
4. Scripture is preserved and delivered to us through the faith of those who wrote.  Their love for their descendants was strong and they wrote unselfishly out of a desire to bless us.
5. Even when words of scripture fail to be as eloquent as the authors might have desired, their faith can carry the intended message powerfully into the hearts of those who receive their words.
6. Scripture is a part of God’s fulfillment of the covenant he made with prophets anciently, that he would bless future generations with spiritual power.
Today, I will be grateful for the scriptures we have and for the opportunity to receive spiritual power from them. 

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