Our Great Creator

John taught that all things were made by Jesus Christ, “and without him was not any thing made that was made” (John 1:3).

King Benjamin learned from an angel that Jesus was “the Creator of all things from the beginning,” and Samuel the Lamanite later made the same declaration (Mosiah 3:8, Helaman 14:12).

Bishop Gérald Caussé explained, “The earth and all things upon it (with the exception of Adam and Eve) were created by Jesus Christ under the direction of the Father” (“Our Earthly Stewardship,” General Conference, October 2022, footnote 1). He added that the gift of Creation comes with duties and responsibilities, including the imperative to honor and care for God’s creations and an invitation to participate in the work of creation. He emphasized that caring for the earth is part of being a disciple of Jesus Christ:

Our Heavenly Father allows us to use earthly resources according to our own free will. Yet our agency should not be interpreted as license to use or consume the riches of this world without wisdom or restraint….

Beyond being simply a scientific or political necessity, the care of the earth and of our natural environment is a sacred responsibility entrusted to us by God, which should fill us with a deep sense of duty and humility. It is also an integral component of our discipleship. How can we honor and love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ without honoring and loving Their creations?

Caring for the earth doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We can all find opportunities to serve outdoors in our communities, in our neighborhoods, or even in our own yards. Simple activities like cleaning up trash, weeding and pruning, and walking instead of driving can contribute to that effort.

Today, I will complete a project in my yard. While I am working outdoors, I will pay attention to my environment and be grateful for God’s creations.

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  1. Thanks Paul. I’m grateful for this beautiful earth. And I’m grateful that our church leaders are able to avoid politicizing our stewardship over the environment while still driving home the point that we have been entrusted with this earth and need to take care of it…even if through small and simple means.


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