Numbered with the Transgressors

Isaiah prophesied that Jesus would be "numbered among the transgressors." He did this in at least 4 ways: 1. He became mortal. 2. He spent time with sinners. 3. He was condemned and punished like a sinner. 4. He absorbed the consequences of our sins.

“Ye Visited Me”

Jesus taught that we should provide what others lack where possible: food for the hungry, clothing for the naked, etc. When we can't remove their challenges, such as when they are sick or in prison, we can visit them.

Wedding Garments and Extra Oil

In two of Jesus's parables, people are punished harshly for seemingly minor infractions: dressing inappropriately or running out of supplies. Important events require careful preparation, so we must be particularly careful in our preparations to meet God.


Jesus condemned child abuse in the strongest possible terms. President Nelson has also reiterated the Savior's teachings on this issue. Here are some things I learned by studying the Church's abuse prevention website today.

Passing Through the Midst of Them

What makes people respond to offenses with physical violence? How can we avoid overreacting when we feel attacked in some way? (1) Never instigate or escalate. (2) Be aware of your natural self. (3) Step away from the mob.

Our Great Creator

John taught that all things were made by Jesus Christ. The gift of creation comes with duties and responsibilities. We can find opportunities to care for the earth in our communities, in our neighborhoods, and even in our own yards. We honor God by caring for His creations.

But If Not…

Faith isn't faith if it demands specific outcomes. Faith does invite miracles, but it does not guarantee that we will receive the exact miracles we want exactly when we want them. King Nebuchadnezzar was proud of a gold statue, about 90 feet tall, which he had commanded to be built. He wanted everyone in the... Continue Reading →

Josiah and Benjamin

Today I've been thinking about the parallels between two kings: Josiah, who reigned over Judah just before the Babylonian captivity (640-609 BCE), and Benjamin, who reigned over the Nephites about 500 years later. Both kings led their people in a spiritual reawakening. Here are some of their common experiences: ExperienceJosiahBenjaminInspired by the scripturesWas horrified when... Continue Reading →

The Living Christ and the Book of Mormon

The Living Christ: The Testimony of the Apostles is a proclamation published by leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on 1 January 2000. The document speaks of the Savior's mission before birth, during His mortal ministry, and after His death and resurrection, including in our day. It also testifies that He... Continue Reading →

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