Genesis 18-23: “Is Any Thing Too Hard for the Lord?” (February 14-20)

Faith looks upward and forward. Like Sarah, we may need to trust in promises which seem not only unlikely but impossible (Genesis 18:1-15). Like Lot and his family, we may need to let things go and step into the unknown (Genesis 19:1-29). Like Hagar, we may need to listen for God’s voice when we feel abandoned (Genesis 21:9-21). Like Abraham, we may have to choose between God and the things we value most (Genesis 22:1-19).

It’s easy to talk about faith, but it becomes real when we face genuine challenges with uncertain outcomes. Remembering these faithful men and women can give us confidence to move forward, trusting in the Lord, in spite of fears and obstacles.

To ancient Israel, Isaiah said, “Look unto Abraham, your father, and unto Sarah, she that bare you” (2 Nephi 8:2, Isaiah 51:2). Their examples can strengthen our faith.

Here are some lessons I’ve learned from these chapters, together with relevant blog posts:

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