Doctrine and Covenants 14-17: “Stand as a Witness” (February 15-21)

Depiction of David Whitmer seeing the angel Moroni from the film “A Day for the Eternities

In May of 1829, David Whitmer helped Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery move from Harmony, Pennsylvania to Fayette, New York to stay with his family. Oliver was a friend of David and had written to him about the translation of the Book of Mormon. David wanted to help.

“He proposed that we should have our board free of charge,” Joseph later wrote. “Upon our arrival, we found Mr. Whitmer’s family very anxious concerning the work, and very friendly towards ourselves. They continued so, boarded and lodged us according to proposal, and John Whitmer, in particular, assisted us very much in writing during the remainder of the work.” Joseph’s wife, Emma, arrived shortly after (“The Knight and Whitmer Families,”

The Whitmers had numerous spiritual experiences while the Smiths and Oliver were staying in their home:

Here are some lessons I’ve learned from these events:

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