Ether 6-11: “That Evil May Be Done Away” (November 16-22)

For nearly a year, the first generation of Jaredites sat in eight small barges as storms and “mountain waves” moved them across the ocean. After arriving in the promised land, they and their descendants were afflicted by another kind of storm—political instability. Generation after generation of Jaredites lived under oppressive rulers, experienced coups and civil war, or lived in captivity. Ether 7-11 tells their story across 28 generations. Moroni particularly highlights the destructive influence of secret combinations among them. The “Come, Follow Me” manual provides the following explanation:

When two or more people conspire to keep their wicked acts secret, they are involved in a secret combination. They are often motivated by the desire for power or riches.

Here are some of the lessons I have learned from these chapters:

Crossing the sea

Righteous government and leadership

Secret combinations

The blessings of adversity

Other lessons

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