Com – Ether 11:1-3

1 And there came also in the days of Com many prophets, and prophesied of the destruction of that great people except they should repent, and turn unto the Lord, and forsake their murders and wickedness.
2 And it came to pass that the prophets were rejected by the people, and they fled unto Com for protection, for the people sought to destroy them.
3 And they prophesied unto Com many things; and he was blessed in all the remainder of his days.
(Ether 11:1-3)

One of the opportunities and responsibilities of any leader is to defend and support people who are unable to defend themselves. If the leader is truly committed to the well-being of each member of the group and wants to achieve unity, he or she will notice situations where people are being treated unfairly, and will use his or her position of authority to assist them.

In the passage above, we read about a precarious time in Jaredite history. The people were generally not living according to God’s commandments, and He sent messengers–prophets–to warn them. The people rejected their message and surely would have harmed or killed them, but the king, Com, was willing to protect them.

Com knew something about persecution. His father, his grandfather, his great-grandfather, and his great-great-grandfather had all lived in captivity their entire lives. He himself had been born in captivity and had only regained his liberty with great effort and sacrifice. In light of this history, it is unsurprising that he would have pity on these prophets who were being abused by his people.

The compassion paid off: Moroni told us that these prophets revealed many things to him, and “he was blessed in all the remainder of his days.”

Today, I will pay attention to the people around me who are being disrespected or ignored. I will use my influence to ensure that they have the support they need to be successful.

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