Alma 43-52: “Stand Fast in the Faith of Christ” (August 3-9)


Twenty five—that’s how old Moroni was when he began commanding the Nephite armies. Thirteen years later, he stepped down to “spend the remainder of his days in peace” (Alma 62:43). What kind of man was he? Mormon makes it clear that Moroni “did not delight in bloodshed” but that he was committed to the liberty of his people (Alma 48:11, Alma 55:19). He was innovative, inspiring, and unyielding in his defense of the oppressed. As a result, he successfully led the Nephites to victory over two invading armies, the first led by a man named Zerahemnah, and the second led by a man named Amalickiah.

A couple of years ago, I spent a month studying all of the war chapters in the Book of Mormon, including the chapters we are studying this week. Here is a post summarizing what I learned that month, including lessons about acting with integrity, preparing for the future, and praying with faith:

Lessons from Wars in the Book of Mormon


Here are some posts about this week’s reading:

When and how to defend yourself and others

Leadership lessons from Moroni

Personal Integrity

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