Alma 39-42: “The Great Plan of Happiness” (July 27-August 2)


Alma loved his son Corianton. It is true that Corianton had disappointed and embarrassed him. But there is no hint of bitterness, frustration, or anger in Alma’s words to his son. Instead, Alma briefly (and somewhat reluctantly) provides needed correction (Alma 39:1-14), and then proceeds to answer some of Corianton’s questions. Alma makes it clear that he believes that Corianton’s misbehavior is related to his misunderstanding of some key principles, and that if Corianton understood the gospel better, his behavior would improve. In any event, Alma was not afraid to tackle Corianton’s difficult questions. Here is a list of the questions which Alma tackles:

  1. Is it reasonable for people to know about the Savior before he was born? (Alma 39:15-19)
  2. What is the resurrection, and when will it happen? (Alma 40)
  3. Why does it matter if we sin? Can’t God just forgive our sins and fix everything? (Alma 41)
  4. Is it fair for sinners to be judged and punished? (Alma 42)

Here is my summary of the interview, with key takeaways:

Alma Teaches Corianton – Alma 39-42

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