Alma 13-16: “Enter into the Rest of the Lord” (June 15-21)


Alma ended his sermon to the people of Ammonihah with an impressive elaboration on Psalm 95:7-11. Incorporating the topics of premortal life and priesthood authority, he explained how to enter into “the rest of the Lord” (Alma 13).

Tragically, the sermon was followed by an atrocity. The citizens of the community who did not believe Alma’s words brutally murdered those who did—including women and children. They also imprisoned and abused Alma and Amulek, until the Lord intervened on their behalf (Alma 14).

After being freed from prison, Alma and Amulek continued their ministry in Sidom (Alma 15). Shortly after, a Lamanite army destroyed the city of Ammonihah in one day (Alma 16).

Here is a summary of the sermon in Ammonihah: Alma and Amulek’s Sermon in Ammonihah – Alma 9-13.

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