Jacob 5-7: “The Lord Labors with Us” (March 16-22)


God labors patiently on our behalf. Even though we may appear at first to be unresponsive to His invitations, He doesn’t give up on us. That’s Jacob’s message in chapters 5-7 of his book.

The Allegory of the Olive Tree (Jacob 5-6)

In response to the question, “How can people who have rejected the truth ever build on a firm foundation?” Jacob quotes and comments on a lengthy allegory by the prophet Zenos. Here is my summary of that allegory:

The Allegory of the Olive Tree – Jacob 5

Here is an overview of Jacob’s message to us in these chapters:

Jacob’s Sermon on the Allegory of the Olive Trees – Jacob 4-6

Here are some other blog posts about the allegory and Jacob’s commentary:

Sherem (Chapter 7)

After sharing the allegory, Jacob turns to a specific case study: a man named Sherem who rejected the gospel and attacked him as the leader of the church. Could Sherem ever be redeemed?

Blog posts about Sherem:

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