They Were Filled with the Holy Ghost – 3 Nephi 19:13

13 And it came to pass when they were all baptized and had come up out of the water, the Holy Ghost did fall upon them, and they were filled with the Holy Ghost and with fire.
(3 Nephi 19:13)

At the end of the first day of Jesus Christ’s visit to the American continent, He administered the sacrament. He blessed bread and wine and gave it to the people instructing them to “always observe” this ordinance. He promised them that, if they would always remember Him, they would always have His Spirit to be with them.

The following morning, a much larger multitude gathered at the same place. Word had spread of the miracle that had occurred the day before, and many people “did labor exceedingly all that night” to be at the place where the Savior had promised to return (3 Nephi 19:3). After being taught by the twelve disciples whom the Savior had chosen the day before, they knelt in prayer. Mormon tells us that they prayed “for that which they most desired; and they desired that the Holy Ghost should be given unto them.” (3 Nephi 19:9). They wanted the blessing the Savior had promised the day before. Shortly afterward, they were baptized, and as we read in the passage above, “the Holy Ghost did fall on them, and they were filled with the Holy Ghost.”

President Henry B. Eyring has reminded us that we all receive this promise when we are baptized: “These words are said by the Lord’s authorized servant with his hands on our head: ‘Receive the Holy Ghost.’ At that moment you and I have the assurance He will be sent. But our obligation is to choose to open our hearts to receive the ministration of the Spirit over a lifetime.”

President Eyring identified some of the actions we can take to open our hearts:

  1. “Be humble before God.”
  2. “Pray with faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.”
  3. “Obey exactly. Obedience may mean to move quickly. It may mean to prepare. Or it may mean to wait in patience for further inspiration.”
  4. “Pray to know the needs and hearts of others and how to help them for the Lord.”

(“His Spirit to Be with You,” General Conference, April 2018)

Today, I will seek for the blessing the Savior has promised: to be filled with the Holy Ghost. I will open my heart by humbling myself, by praying with faith, by obeying the promptings I receive from the Spirit, and by seeking guidance on how I can bless other people.

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