Out of Darkness Unto Light – 2 Nephi 3:5

5 Wherefore, Joseph truly saw our day. And he obtained a promise of the Lord, that out of the fruit of his loins the Lord God would raise up a righteous branch unto the house of Israel; not the Messiah, but a branch which was to be broken off, nevertheless, to be remembered in the covenants of the Lord that the Messiah should be made manifest unto them in the latter days, in the spirit of power, unto the bringing of them out of darkness unto light–yea, out of hidden darkness and out of captivity unto freedom.
(2 Nephi 3:5)

In teaching his son Joseph about his spiritual heritage, Lehi told him about one of their ancestors, also named Joseph, one of the twelve sons of Jacob. Joseph knew that the Messiah would be a descendant of his older brother Judah. But he also prophesied that his descendants would come into contact with the Messiah, who would lead them out from darkness to light and from captivity to freedom.

Today, I’ve been thinking about the different kinds of darkness I experience and how the Savior has helped me or can help me overcome them.

  1. I experience the darkness of not knowing. Sometimes, I just don’t have enough information to make a crucial decision or to know how to handle a problem.
  2. I experience the darkness of discouragement. When it looks like I won’t be able to achieve a goal, my courage to keep trying can quickly erode.
  3. I experience the darkness of contention. When relationships with other people are strained or damaged, it can affect my productivity in all aspects of my life.

The Savior can bring me from all of these kinds of darkness into light, which in turn makes me free. He can provide knowledge and guidance. He can encourage and inspire me in the face of difficulty. He can heal my relationships with others. His influence bestows those who follow Him with power: power to choose wisely, power to endure challenges, power to love.

Today I will be grateful for the active role the Atonement of Jesus Christ can play in my life. I will be grateful that, as Lehi taught, the Savior has the power to bring us “out of darkness unto light.”

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