Where Will Ye Leave Your Glory? – 2 Nephi 20:1-3

1 Wo unto them that decree unrighteous decrees, and that write grievousness which they have prescribed;
2 To turn away the needy from judgment, and to take away the right from the poor of my people, that widows may be their prey, and that they may rob the fatherless!
3 And what will ye do in the day of visitation, and in the desolation which shall come from far? to whom will ye flee for help? and where will ye leave your glory?
(2 Nephi 20:1-3, Isaiah 10:1-3)

Heavenly Father loves the poor and the needy, and He is their ally. As soon as you begin to abuse your influence and take actions which harm those less fortunate than you, you need to ask yourself, “Who is my ally? Who will I turn to when I am in need? Who will help me when I am in danger?”

King Benjamin rightly asks, “Are we not all beggars?” (Mosiah 4:19) And as Jesus taught clearly in the parable of the rich man and the beggar Lazarus, our financial and social status is temporary. (See Luke 16:19-31.) Those who need our help today may in the future be the ones we turn to for help.

That final phrase in verse three is intriguing to me: “Where will ye leave your glory?” Many English translations render this as “Where will you leave your riches” or “your treasure” (http://biblehub.com/isaiah/10-3.htm). But the Hebrew term כבודכם, pronounced “k’vod-kem” means “your honor” or “your respect.” To me, it sounds like the prophet is saying, “You can put money in the bank, you can put valuables in a safe, but you can’t hoard honor and respect. If you do not behave with integrity, if you are unkind to others, it will vanish. You can’t store it. You can’t give it to someone else for safekeeping. If you don’t protect it and safeguard it by living the right way, then it will not be there when you need it.”

Today, I will behave with integrity and honor, particularly toward those who need my help. I will remember that God is their ally. I will strive to be fair and kind toward others, remembering that we are all beggars, and that my day of need will surely come.

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