Lay Hold upon Every Good Thing, Part 2 – Moroni 7:22-26

22 For behold, God knowing all things, being from everlasting to everlasting, behold, he sent angels to minister unto the children of men, to make manifest concerning the coming of Christ; and in Christ there should come every good thing.
23 And God also declared unto prophets, by his own mouth, that Christ should come.
24 And behold, there were divers ways that he did manifest things unto the children of men, which were good; and all things which are good cometh of Christ; otherwise men were fallen, and there could no good thing come unto them.
25 Wherefore, by the ministering of angels, and by every word which proceeded forth out of the mouth of God, men began to exercise faith in Christ; and thus by faith, they did lay hold upon every good thing; and thus it was until the coming of Christ.
26 And after that he came men also were saved by faith in his name; and by faith, they become the sons of God….

In the first part of Mormon’s sermon, he emphasized the importance of judging righteously, particularly of not rejecting good things. He challenged us to “lay hold upon every good thing, and condemn it not.”
Now he turns to the question, “How is it possible that ye can lay hold upon every good thing?” (Moroni 7:20) The answer, he tells us, is by faith.
God reveals true principles to us in many ways: by direct revelation, by the words of prophets, and in many other ways. When we encounter a true principle which comes from God, we have the opportunity to exercise our faith: to accept that principle and to act upon it. As Elder David A. Bednar has taught, the beginning of faith is to receive the word of God:

Hearing God’s word and receiving the spiritual gift of faith in the Savior are closely related, as “faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” We become acquainted with Him and His voice as we study and feast upon His word in the scriptures, pray to the Father in His name with real intent, and seek for the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. Learning and applying in our lives the doctrine of Christ is a prerequisite to receiving the gift of faith in Him (“If Ye Had Known Me,” General Conference, October 2016).

Today, I will learn and apply the doctrine of Christ in my life, so that I can exercise faith in Him and receive every good thing: every blessing that my Heavenly Father wants me to receive.

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