Moroni Went Forth – Alma 62:20-21

20 And when the night came, Moroni went forth in the darkness of the night, and came upon the top of the wall to spy out in what part of the city the Lamanites did camp with their army.
21 And it came to pass that they were on the east, by the entrance; and they were all asleep. And now Moroni returned to his army, and caused that they should prepare in haste strong cords and ladders, to be let down from the top of the wall into the inner part of the wall.

I’m impressed by the personal role Moroni played as the leader of the Nephite armies at this critical moment in the war. As Mormon relates in the passage above, Captain Moroni didn’t make assumptions about the location of the enemy, and he didn’t send scouts or spies to investigate and report back. He went out to see for himself, and he reported back to his subordinates.
Great leaders know how to delegate, and they also know when they face a task that they can’t effectively delegate. Sometimes, there is no substitute for being present and experiencing things for yourself.
Today, as a leader, I will be mindful of the tasks that I need to personally perform and the places that I need to personally visit. I will remember that I can only gain so much information secondhand and that my effectiveness may depend on receiving some critical information unfiltered, by my own direct experience.

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