Having Prayed Mightily – Alma 2:28

28 Nevertheless, the Nephites being strengthened by the hand of the Lord, having prayed mightily to him that he would deliver them out of the hands of their enemies, therefore the Lord did hear their cries, and did strengthen them, and the Lamanites and the Amlicites did fall before them.

The Bible Dictionary tells us that “prayer is a form of work.” Passages like the one above remind me that genuine prayer requires more effort than simply saying words. Perhaps the reason we should avoid “vain repetitions” (Matthew 6:7) is because they require very little effort on our part. In contrast, these Nephites felt a deep need and were vividly aware of their dependence on God’s blessings, so they offered heartfelt and diligent prayers. Their effort was rewarded. After telling us about their mighty prayers, Mormon says, “therefore the Lord did hear their cries, and did strengthen them.”
Today, I will put real effort into my prayers. I will avoid vain repetitions and will plead with sincerity and with faith for the blessings I and others need. I will remember that God will hear and answer when I have “prayed and labored with all diligence” (Enos 1:12).
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2 Responses to Having Prayed Mightily – Alma 2:28

  1. eric Kerr says:

    Great post. Very interesting that they prayed “that he would deliver them”, however the answer to their prayer was that he “did strengthen them”. It follows my experience that often we pray to be delivered or have our trials taken or removed from us. However, generally the answer comes by the Lord strengthening us to help us overcome the challenge, not removing it from us. It seems that we have much to learn from enduring and overcoming difficulties, and a loving God helps us to do so in response to our prayers. Thanks for the post


  2. That is a great point!
    It does make sense: if our Father in Heaven is committed to our growth and progression, then it wouldn't make much sense for Him to solve all our problems for us. I like the thought that He can strengthen me to overcome many of the challenges I face, although I must admit that my initial request, like these Nephites, is generally for deliverance, not strengthening. Thanks for the comment!


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