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Amlici Did Stir up Those Who Were in His Favor – Alma 2:7-10

7 And it came to pass that the voice of the people came against Amlici, that he was not made king over the people. 8 Now this did cause much joy in the hearts of those who were against him; … Continue reading

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Having Prayed Mightily – Alma 2:28

28 Nevertheless, the Nephites being strengthened by the hand of the Lord, having prayed mightily to him that he would deliver them out of the hands of their enemies, therefore the Lord did hear their cries, and did strengthen them, … Continue reading

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The Voice of the People – Alma 2:6-8

5 And it came to pass that the people assembled themselves together throughout all the land, every man according to his mind, whether it were for or against Amlici, in separate bodies, having much dispute and wonderful contentions one with … Continue reading

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Much Dispute and Wonderful Contentions – Alma 2:2-5

2 Now this Amlici had, by his cunning, drawn away much people after him; even so much that they began to be very powerful; and they began to endeavor to establish Amlici to be a king over the people. 3 … Continue reading

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