The Spirit of the Lord Did Not Fail Him – Alma 4:15

15 And now it came to pass that Alma, having seen the afflictions of the humble followers of God, and the persecutions which were heaped upon them by the remainder of his people, and seeing all their inequality, began to be very sorrowful; nevertheless the Spirit of the Lord did not fail him.

This week I’m studying about finding peace in troubled times. In the passage above, we read about a difficult time in Alma’s life. As high priest over the church, he was troubled by the growing pride and wickedness among the members of the church. In the preceding verses, We learn that Alma observed envyings, strife, and malice, and that the pride of the members of the church exceeded the pride of those who were not members. As a result, “the church began to fail in its progress.” Seeing all of this, Alma became “very sorrowful.” Such sorrow might easily have discouraged and frustrated him. This is why I find the last phrase in the verse so inspiring: “nevertheless, the Spirit of the Lord did not fail him.”
I am grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost, which enables us to receive insights and encouragement directly from a member of the Godhead. What a powerful opportunity each of us has if we will pay attention and humble ourselves. I’m grateful for Mormon’s reminder in this passage that the Spirit of the Lord can guide us quietly and confidently through the challenges we face. 
Today, I will pay attention to the promptings I receive from the Spirit of the Lord. I will remember that, no matter how difficult the problems I may encounter, the Spirit will not fail me if I will humble myself and listen to His voice. 
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