Cross Yourself in All These Things – Alma 39:9-10

9 Now my son, I would that ye should repent and forsake your sins, and go no more after the lusts of your eyes, but cross yourself in all these things; for except ye do this ye can in nowise inherit the kingdom of God. Oh, remember, and take it upon you, and cross yourself in these things.
10 And I command you to take it upon you to counsel with your elder brothers in your undertakings; for behold, thou art in thy youth, and ye stand in need to be nourished by your brothers. And give heed to their counsel.

Alma the Younger was not afraid to have difficult conversations with his sons. In his conversation with Corianton, he clearly identified what Corianton had done wrong and the effect of those wrong choices. Then, in the passage above, he urged Corianton to do two things in order to repent:
  1. Cross yourself in all these things. Exercise some self control. Break these bad habits, and stop yourself from doing these things that you know you shouldn’t do.
  2. Counsel with your elder brothers. Lean on them, and let them strengthen and teach you. Take advantage of their wisdom and experience, and do the things they encourage you to do.
The thing that impresses me throughout this chapter is the love that Alma communicates even as he corrects his son. There is not a hint of anger or vengefulness. The overwhelming motivation behind Alma’s words is a desire for his son to be happy and successful.
I want to follow Alma’s example. I will take the time to teach my children and to encourage them to make decisions which will bring them lasting joy. I will not hesitate to give them correction when needed, and I will do it in a way that communicates my love for them.
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One Response to Cross Yourself in All These Things – Alma 39:9-10

  1. eric Kerr says:

    Great post. I love Alma's parenting example in these chapters of the Book of Mormon. I think it's instructive that he's direct, but also pretty brief in talking about what Corianton did wrong. He identified it and corrected it. Then he moved on to more important things- teaching him doctrine. Hearkens to Pres Packer “True doctrine understood changes attitudes and behavior …”. Alma is a great example of that principle.


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