Alma…Could Not Rest – Alma 43:1

1 And now it came to pass that the sons of Alma did go forth among the people, to declare the word unto them. And Alma, also, himself, could not rest, and he also went forth.

I know what it feels like to be so committed to a goal that I can’t rest. I want to spend all of my time working on it. As soon as I complete one task, I’m ready to move on to the next one.
After the prophet Alma led a mission to the Zoramites, he met individually with each of his sons to give them guidance and counsel. In response to his inspired teaching, his sons went back to work, teaching the word of God. Mormon tells us that Alma also “could not rest,” and so he also continued his missionary labors.
I can relate to Alma’s enthusiasm and desire to continue doing the work of the Lord. Today, I will act on the enthusiasm I feel about the gospel. I will take advantage of the opportunities I have to share the gospel with others.
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