After the Order of the Son – Alma 13:8-9

8 Now they were ordained after this manner–being called with a holy calling, and ordained with a holy ordinance, and taking upon them the high priesthood of the holy order, which calling, and ordinance, and high priesthood, is without beginning or end–
9 Thus they become high priests forever, after the order of the Son, the Only Begotten of the Father, who is without beginning of days or end of years, who is full of grace, equity, and truth. And thus it is. Amen.
In a revelation about eternal marriage, the Savior told the prophet Joseph Smith, “Mine house is a house of order,… and not a house of confusion” (D&C 132:8). He went on to clarify that He sets the standards and the policies by which the ordinance of marriage is administered, together with His Father. It is not our place to modify those standards. They are to be done in His way, not in ours.
Why is that? Because His ways are higher than our ways, and because our goal as His disciples is to emulate Him and to develop His attributes, including “grace, equity, and truth.”
In the passage above, Alma teaches the people in the city of Ammonihah about the ordering power of priesthood ordinances in their lives. In doing so, he connects three concepts: callings, ordinances, and priesthood. We accept callings, we are ordained (or set apart) to fulfill them, and we receive priesthood power which empowers us to fulfill them. Callings, ordinances, and priesthood power go hand in hand. Together, they enable us to participate in “the order of the Son.”
Today, I will thank my Heavenly Father for the blessings I have received through callings in the church and through the associated priesthood ordinances. I will remember that I receive power by participating in His order, including by accepting the callings I receive and by participating in His ordinances in His way. 

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