It Mattereth Not – Ether 15:34

34 Now the last words which are written by Ether are these: Whether the Lord will that I be translated, or that I suffer the will of the Lord in the flesh, it mattereth not, if it so be that I am saved in the kingdom of God. Amen.

Part of managing our time wisely is prioritizing–recognizing which of our activities is important and which of them “mattereth not.”
Moroni was impressed with these final words of Ether and used them as the conclusion of his history of the Jaredites. Like Ether, Moroni had lots of time to think and many reasons to fear for his life.  But he also recognized that dwelling on those fears was not a good use of his time and energy and could distract him from the work he was called to do. 
Russell M. Nelson once observed Gordon B. Hinckley maintaining his perspective through a frightening experience. They were in Central America. President and Sister Hinckley were in one car, and Elder and Sister Nelson were in a different car nearby:

A truck loaded on top with unsecured metal rods approached them at an intersection. To avoid a collision, its driver suddenly stopped the truck, launching those iron rods like javelins to pierce the Hinckleys’ car. Windows were smashed; fenders and doors were dented. The accident could have been very serious. While shattered glass was being removed from their clothing and skin, President Hinckley said: “Thank the Lord for His blessing; now let’s continue on in another car” (“Spiritual Capacity,” General Conference, October 1997).

Today, I will remember my priorities. I will spend my time on the things that matter most, and I will avoid being distracted or inhibited by events or concerns of lesser importance. 
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