Because of Your Exceedingly Great Riches – Helaman 7:26

26 Yea, wo shall come unto you because of that pride which ye have suffered to enter your hearts, which has lifted you up beyond that which is good because of your exceedingly great riches!

The circumstances of life can create illusions about our capabilities. We must be careful not to buy into those illusions and develop a false sense of ourselves. For example, if you are blessed with wealth, it is easy to assume that you have somehow earned it, that your financial situation is caused by superior capabilities, character traits, or even inherent value. If you allow these temporal realities to define your sense of self, you will likely make foolish errors, fail to value the people around you, and ultimately fail to accomplish your goals. Additionally, you will cut yourself off from the Spirit of the Lord and fail to progress spiritually.
Today, I will not let my external circumstances, either positive or negative, define my sense of self. I will recognize that the worth of a soul is its potential to become like God, and I will see my own worth, and the worth of the people around me, in an eternal perspective.
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