I, Moroni, Am Constrained, According to the Covenant Which I Have Made – Alma 60:34

34 And now behold, I, Moroni, am constrained, according to the covenant which I have made to keep the commandments of my God; therefore I would that ye should adhere to the word of God, and send speedily unto me of your provisions and of your men, and also to Helaman.

We all love freedom. We like to have options, and we like to make our own decisions. But we also recognize that our inclinations in a given moment aren’t always consistent with our long-term desires and goals. By making covenants, we intentionally constrain our future decisions in a good way–bringing them more into line with our genuine and enduring desires. Rather than do what we feel like doing in a given moment, we do what we have previously promised to do, which is what we really want in the end. Covenant keepers make better decisions.
Today, I will remember that, like Moroni, I am constrained by the covenants I have made. I will strive to live in accordance with those covenants and to align my daily decisions with my eternal objectives.
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