O Be Wise – Jacob 6:12

12 O be wise; what can I say more?
(Jacob 6:12)

It is striking to me that Jacob gives us this three-word sermon at the end of 5 chapters of his preaching, including calling his people to repent of specific sins. In saying these words–“O be wise, what can I say more?”– he clearly didn’t mean to imply that there was nothing more to say! Like his brother, he talked of Christ, preached of Christ, and prophesied of Christ (see 1 Nephi 25:26).
However, after teaching the doctrine as clearly as possible, every leader and teacher must acknowledge as King Benjamin did that “I cannot tell you all the things whereby ye may commit sin” (Mosiah 4:29). Each of us faces a unique set of challenges and choices which cannot be listed or described in a sermon. There is no checklist which will get you through the day today.  After studying and internalizing the principles of the gospel, we have to go out and apply them in the unique and sometimes unexpected experiences of daily living. 
Sometimes we associate wisdom with age. We know that it often comes with experience and maturity, but it is also a function of approaching decisions with soberness and clarity of mind. This plea from Jacob reminds us not to allow ourselves to be light-minded and giddy in our decision-making but to give serious consideration and priority to those things that are truly serious.
Today, as I make decisions throughout the day, I will be wise. 
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2 Responses to O Be Wise – Jacob 6:12

  1. Lois says:

    Jacob 5 and 6 the most powerful scripture on the love of God, warnings, mercy and compassion of God.


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