3 Nephi 28:36-37 Since I Wrote, I Have Inquired of the Lord

36 And now behold, as I spake concerning those whom the Lord hath chosen, yea, even three who were caught up into the heavens, that I knew not whether they were cleansed from mortality to immortality–
37 But behold, since I wrote, I have inquired of the Lord, and he hath made it manifest unto me that there must needs be a change wrought upon their bodies, or else it needs be that they must taste of death;
(3 Nephi 28:36-37)
I love what these verses teach about personal revelation and “continuing spiritual education.”
1. Admit what you don’t know.  In verses 17 & 18, Mormon follows the example of Alma:
a.  He highlights something his readers may be curious about
b. He clearly states that he does not know the answer.
c. He follows up with something he does know. 
(See Alma 7:8, Alma 37:11-12, Alma 40:3, Alma 40:20-21)
2. Ask the Lord.  Simple as it seems, it takes faith to ask the Lord a direct question and listen for the answer.  Like Nephi, Mormon recognized that one of the purposes of prayer is to receive answers to specific questions we have.  (See 1 Nephi 11:1, 15:8) 
In my personal prayers today, I will seek to continue my spiritual education by asking the Lord specific questions about things I do not understand with faith that He can answer me. 

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