Alma 12:5 This Was a Plan of Thine Adversary

5 Now this was a plan of thine adversary, and he hath exercised his power in thee. Now I would that ye should remember that what I say unto thee I say unto all.
6 And behold I say unto you all that this was a snare of the adversary, which he has laid to catch this people, that he might bring you into subjection unto him, that he might encircle you about with his chains, that he might chain you down to everlasting destruction, according to the power of his captivity.
(Alma 12:5-6)

It is interesting to consider the interactions between Zeezrom, Amulek, and Alma in light of their differing paradigms.  In Zeezrom’s mind, this was a contest against Alma and Amulek:

But Alma thought of the situation entirely differently, which enabled him to talk to Zeezrom as a teammate, not as an opponent:

He points out in verse 3 that God is on his side, but then, instead of declaring victory over Zeezrom, he advises and encourages Zeezrom as he would a teammate.  The devil is the real enemy here.  Maybe Zeezrom has fallen into the trap of following the devil for a time, but the devil is still the enemy of all of them.  The devil doesn’t have any particular loyalty to any of us, so it would be foolish to label any of our brothers and sisters as his allies.  They are all on our team when we see clearly, even if some of them are confused and are not currently contributing to our shared goals.  We can and should talk to them as teammates, not as adversaries.
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