Doctrine and Covenants 51-57: “A Faithful, a Just, and a Wise Steward” (May 17-23)

Detail from “Bishop Partridge Receives Consecration” by Jolene Davis

This week, we will study seven revelations on various topics received between May and July, 1831. For each revelation, here is a brief synopsis with key principles taught and relevant blog posts.

Section 51 – The Bishop’s Storehouse

The Lord instructs Edward Partridge, the bishop, to establish a “storehouse” consisting of everything the members possess beyond what they need.

Section 52 – A Conference in Missouri

The Lord called specific men to travel to Missouri, two by two, and hold a conference there. Others were called to travel east, and others were to stay in Ohio and watch over the church.

Section 53 – “Take upon You Mine Ordination”

Sidney Gilbert was called as an elder and assigned to serve as an agent to the bishop.

Section 54 – The Colesville Branch’s Quandary

The members of the church from Colesville, New York arrived in Kirtland, Ohio to discover that the land they were to inhabit was no longer available. The Lord instructed them to keep moving and establish themselves in Missouri.

Section 55 – A Printer in Missouri

W. W. Phelps was instructed to be baptized and confirmed, after which he would be ordained an elder. He was instructed to “do the work of printing” in Missouri.

Section 56 – “I, the Lord, Command and Revoke”

God revised some of His prior instructions, because circumstances had changed. Thomas B. Marsh was given a new missionary companion, and Newel Knight was now to lead the members of the church from Colesville to Missouri instead of serving as a missionary.

Section 57 – The Temple Lot

In Jackson County, Missouri, the Lord revealed the location where the temple should be built. He called W. W. Phelps to serve as a printer, Edward Partridge to oversee the acquisition and distribution of land, and Sidney Gilbert to establish a store.

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