Alma 30-31: “The Virtue of the Word of God” (July 6-12)


How do you respond when people challenge your faith?

Korihor attracted a large number of followers by criticizing the church. He claimed that the members were naive and the leaders were exploitative. Alma tried to help Korihor recognize the truth, but it was only when he was overcome by the power of God that Korihor finally admitted his errors (Alma 30).

The wealthy Zoramites also challenged Alma’s beliefs, claiming, as they prayed on a tower called the Rameumptom, they they had been elected to be saved while everyone else would be cast into hell. In response, Alma offered a heartfelt prayer on their behalf, that he and his fellow missionaries might “have success in bringing them again unto thee in Christ” (Alma 31).

Lessons from Korihor

Lessons from the mission to the Zoramites

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