Mosiah 18-24: “We Have Entered into a Covenant with Him” (May 11-17)


At the waters of Mormon, Alma organized the people who believed his words into a church. More than 200 people were baptized in one day. Priests and teachers were selected. The people were instructed to meet together weekly, to love one another, and to share with one another. We can learn a lot about how the church should work by reading about the experience of Alma and his people in Mosiah 18.

Shortly after, King Noah died and his people fell into captivity. His son Limhi led the people through years of servitude before leading his people to safety with the help of Ammon (Mosiah 19-22). At about the same time, Alma and his people also fell into captivity. They also served the Lamanites for a time, before being freed by the power of God (Mosiah 23-24).

Captivity and deliverance is a common theme in the scriptures. As we study the captivities of Limhi and Alma, we can learn a lot about how to endure the trials we face, and how to maintain our trust that God will eventually liberate us.

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