Building a City (or a Company or a Family) – 2 Nephi 5

Today, I’ve been pondering what we can learn from Nephi and his people when they left a contentious situation, traveled in the wilderness, and established a new city.  All of us have opportunities in our lives to start something new, such as a new organization, a new project, or a new family. What did Nephi and his people do which can enabled them to “prosper exceedingly” and to “live after the manner of happiness”? (2 Nephi 5:11, 13, 27)

  • Commit to live according to true principles. “And we did observe to keep the judgments, and the statutes, and the commandments of the Lord in all things” (2 Nephi 5:10).
  • Ensure that your essential needs are met. “We did sow seed, and we did reap again in abundance. And we began to raise flocks, and herds, and animals of every kind” (2 Nephi 5:11).
  • Protect sacred things. “I, Nephi, had also brought the records which were engraven upon the plates of brass; and also the ball, or compass, which was prepared for my father by the hand of the Lord” (2 Nephi 5:12).
  • Understand your risks, and prepare for emergencies. “I, Nephi, did take the sword of Laban, and after the manner of it did make many swords, lest by any means the people who were now called Lamanites should come upon us and destroy us” (2 Nephi 5:14).
  • Create a sustainable infrastructure. “I did teach my people to build buildings, and to work in all manner of wood, and of iron, and of copper, and of brass, and of steel, and of gold, and of silver, and of precious ores (2 Nephi 5:15).
  • Work hard. “I, Nephi, did cause my people to be industrious, and to labor with their hands” (2 Nephi 5:17).
  • Establish an organizational structure with appropriate roles. “I, Nephi, was desirous that they should have no king…. I, Nephi, did consecrate Jacob and Joseph, that they should be priests and teachers over the land of my people” (2 Nephi 5:26).

Today, as I work on several new initiatives, I will remember the foundational activities of the people of Nephi. I will ensure that my actions are grounded in true principles. I will focus on meeting essential needs, managing risks, and creating a stable infrastructure. I will work hard and ensure that the people I serve with are aligned with appropriate responsibilities to be successful.

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    1. Thanks! I did think that these principles (in some form) are applicable to all of my leadership responsibilities: at work, and church, and at home. I hope you have found it useful too.

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  1. I so enjoy your letter, look forward to it each morning.. just another way view point that opens my mind to more possibilities to the things that can be learned from the scriptures.. and love the focus on the wily lessons.. this is the most meaningful year of learn i have every encountered.. love Come Follow Me.. thank you for all your efforts..i love them..


    1. Thank you for your comment! I’m glad that you find my blog posts useful. Come, Follow Me is a fantastic curriculum, and I’ve enjoyed studying the scriptures with my family and with other members of the church. Have a great day!


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