“With a Voice of Singing” – 1 Nephi 20:20

Earlier this week, I discussed Isaiah’s admonition to acknowledge the hand of the Lord in our lives and share with others what we know. Near the end of the same chapter, Isaiah underscores the importance of this admonition by making a series of commands:

  1. “Go ye forth of Babylon”
  2. “Flee ye from the Chaldeans”
  3. “With a voice of singing declare ye”
  4. “Tell this”
  5. “Utter to the end of the earth”
  6. “Say ye”

By the end of this list, the reader is ready for the punchline. Why did I have to leave Babylon to say this? What am I supposed to declare? What is so important that it must be shared with the whole world?

Answer: “The Lord hath redeemed his servant Jacob” (1 Nephi 20:20).

This message–that we have been saved by Jesus Christ–is so important that we have an obligation to share it.

Today, I’ve been focused on one of the commands from this list: “With a voice of singing declare ye.”

How can we declare the gospel message with a voice of singing?

  • Singing implies joyfulness. We declare the gospel with a voice of singing when we speak enthusiastically about the joy the gospel brings into our lives.
  • A voice of singing implies confidence and assurance. We need to share the gospel with conviction, not apologetically or half-heartedly.
  • On some occasions, we share the gospel by literally singing, such as when we participate in congregational hymns in worship services.

Today, I will delight in the opportunities I am given to sing sacred music. When I speak about gospel truths, I will strive for the same level of conviction and enthusiasm that I feel when I sing.

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