2 Nephi 1-5: “We Lived after the Manner of Happiness” (February 3-9)


Near the end of his life, the prophet Lehi met with his children and grandchildren to give his final words of counsel. Here are my summaries of three of those interviews:

  1. Lehi Teaches Laman and Lemuel – 2 Nephi 1
  2. Lehi Teaches Jacob – 2 Nephi 2
  3. Lehi Teaches Joseph – 2 Nephi 3

After Lehi’s death, the contention in the family increased. Nephi wrote about his anguish during this time and his struggle to overcome his feelings of anger. Here is my summary of this passage:

Shortly after, the family split. Nephi and those who followed him traveled for many days, established a new city, and lived “after the manner of happiness.” Here are some of the keys to their success:

Key Questions

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