To My Readers: 2018 Schedule

To my readers,

As you know, I studied the Book of Mormon by author during the year 2017. Today and tomorrow, I am completing that project, studying the two chapters which were written by the prophet Malachi. Also, I’ve recently added a Lessons by Author page to the website which will enable you to quickly review what I learned this year from each of the major authors: Mormon, Moroni, Nephi, Jacob, Isaiah, Lehi, Alma, and Jesus Christ.

In 2018, I’ve decided to organize my study by type of content. The Book of Mormon contains different types of writing, including missionary stories, accounts of wars and civil unrest, sermons, and messages to us. By studying all writings of the same type together, I’m hoping to gain greater insights into what I can learn from each of these types of content. For example, why are there 34 chapters about war in the Book of Mormon, and what can we learn from them? Here is my overall schedule for the year:

  • January – Missionary experiences
  • February – Journeys
  • March – Visions and spiritual experiences
  • April – Wars
  • May – Civil unrest
  • June – Sermons to the church
  • July – Sermons to hostile audiences
  • August – Teachings to family members
  • September – Teachings directed to the readers, part I
  • October – Teachings directed to the readers, part II
  • November – Establishing the church and building a prosperous community
  • December – The Savior’s visit to the American continent

For more information about this schedule, including a list of stories and sermons I’ll study each month, take a look at the 2018 Study Schedule page.

I continue to appreciate the comments I receive from you, whether you comment on specific posts or reach out to me directly. I have learned and grown so much from my study of the Book of Mormon, particularly the past three years, and I always enjoy hearing your reactions and your additional insights.



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1 Response to To My Readers: 2018 Schedule

  1. Janet Wright says:

    You are amazing, Bro. Paul Anderson!


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