Moroni Did Not Stop Making Preparations – Alma 50:1

1 And now it came to pass that Moroni did not stop making preparations for war, or to defend his people against the Lamanites; for he caused that his armies should commence in the commencement of the twentieth year of the reign of the judges, that they should commence in digging up heaps of earth round about all the cities, throughout all the land which was possessed by the Nephites.

When should we stop preparing for the future? When should we stop anticipating potential emergencies, opportunities, or challenges? The obvious answer is “never,” but how easily do we let our guard down, especially when things are going well?
In the prior chapter, Mormon described a period of remarkable success for the Nephite armies under Captain Moroni. The Lamanites didn’t dare attack several of their cities, because “they were prepared for them, in a manner which never had been known among the children of Lehi” (Alma 49:8). Eventually, the Lamanites attacked a city, but the Nephites were so well prepared that they won the battle easily without losing a single soldier. The remaining Lamanites fled into the wilderness, then returned to their homes in shame.
After such a great victory, the Nephites might have wanted to take a break. After all, their preparations had worked. They had decisively defeated the enemy. But Moroni knew better. The Lamanites would return, and would know what to expect this time. The armor and defenses which had been so effective might not work as well the second time. Their preparation had been the key to their prior success and it would be the key to their subsequent successes as well. The Nephite armies needed to continue making preparations for the coming battles.
Today, I will follow Moroni’s example. I will continue to prepare myself, my family, and those I lead for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. When I experience success, I will take the time to express gratitude for my blessings, but I will get back to work quickly. I will not stop making preparations.

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