As Many As Believed…Never Did Fall Away – Alma 23:6

6 And as sure as the Lord liveth, so sure as many as believed, or as many as were brought to the knowledge of the truth, through the preaching of Ammon and his brethren, according to the spirit of revelation and of prophecy, and the power of God working miracles in them–yea, I say unto you, as the Lord liveth, as many of the Lamanites as believed in their preaching, and were converted unto the Lord, never did fall away.
(Alma 23:6)

Why was the conversion of these Lamanites so durable? Part of the answer is embedded in Mormon’s description of the miracle. Ammon and his brethren taught “according to the spirit of revelation and of prophecy.” Therefore, the power of God accompanied their words, which enabled them to work miracles.
I’m sure that there are other reasons, including the support they received from each other and from their leaders, the public covenant that they made as they buried their weapons, and the persecution they faced together. But I think it’s significant that, in this verse, Mormon highlights the power of the missionaries’ inspired teaching, which, as we learned in a prior chapter, was a direct result of their persistent engagement with scripture study, fasting, and prayer.
Today, I will have faith in the power of inspired teaching. I will seek to prepare myself well to teach by the Spirit, so that I might be able to help my students achieve an enduring conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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