An Instrument in the Hands of God – Alma 29:9-10

9 I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.
10 And behold, when I see many of my brethren truly penitent, and coming to the Lord their God, then is my soul filled with joy; then do I remember what the Lord has done for me, yea, even that he hath heard my prayer; yea, then do I remember his merciful arm which he extended towards me.
Yesterday, I wrote about Alma’s desire to share the gospel as convincingly as possible, so that others might be persuaded to accept the truth. Today, I’m pondering some later verses in the same chapter, in which he expresses gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to this work. I particularly like the words he uses at the beginning of verse 9: “I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it.” Alma understood that he was privileged to contribute to the work of the Lord, and he was grateful for the opportunity to play a role in the conversion of other people. 
Today, I will remember that missionary work is the work of the Lord. When I have the opportunity to share with others the truths I have learned, I will be grateful to the Lord for allowing me to participate in His work.
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