Ye Have Entered in by the Gate – 2 Nephi 31:17

17 Wherefore, do the things which I have told you I have seen that your Lord and your Redeemer should do; for, for this cause have they been shown unto me, that ye might know the gate by which ye should enter. For the gate by which ye should enter is repentance and baptism by water; and then cometh a remission of your sins by fire and by the Holy Ghost.
18 And then are ye in this strait and narrow path which leads to eternal life; yea, ye have entered in by the gate; ye have done according to the commandments of the Father and the Son; and ye have received the Holy Ghost, which witnesses of the Father and the Son, unto the fulfilling of the promise which he hath made, that if ye entered in by the way ye should receive.

The Book of Mormon provides specific and clear instructions about how to become a disciple of Jesus Christ. In the passage above, Nephi defines the gate as repentance and baptism. This gate is the entrance to the “strait and narrow path” of discipleship. You don’t get onto the path without passing through the gate, and the very action of passing through the gate qualifies you for a remission of your sins and the companionship of the Holy Ghost.
I was thinking about that image of a gate as a metaphor for so many of the things we can participate in. With so many worthwhile activities, there is a leap of faith up front. We have to commit. We have to decide if we’re in or if we’re out. Do we have doubts? Of course we do, in ourselves and in others. But if we believe that the course of action is right, we sometimes have to muster our courage, open the gate, start down the path, and make it work.
I’m grateful for baptism as a gateway into the path of discipleship. I’m grateful for the lesson it teaches me about courage and commitment. Today I will adopt an attitude of faith and commitment as I consider the worthwhile and righteous activities I choose to engage in.

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